Refuse Goods

Water safe Wallets/ Pouches/ Bags

Refusing textile scrap into new and useful goods/ Handmade in Seattle

Need a pouch to stash your goods? With 4 sizes we've got you covered. 


Stash are ultra-thin water-safe all purpose pouches, great as a wallet/coin purse, or for whatever accessories need containing.  Stash are constructed with our colorful and durable polyethylene fabric on the outside, each bag has a water-safe poly lining and ziplock style closure.

Take them to the beach or the mountains, they will keep your stash dry.  Available in four sizes, all with simple two-tone options.  Not intended for swimming. 

Four sizes with simple two-tone color options

  1. Stash 1 (4"x4")
  2. Stash 2 (5"x4.63")
  3. Stash 3 (6"x5")
  4. Stash 4 (8"x4.25")

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