Refuse Goods

Water safe Wallets/ Pouches/ Bags

Refusing textile scrap into new and useful goods/ Handmade in Seattle

Well-designed, durable wallets in two styles.

Our answer to the simple, practical, and timeless billfold.  

Ultra thin - measuring just over 1/16” thick folded, and 1/2 oz in weight, perfect for eliminating excessive pocket bulge. All Skinny wallets are 8.65"x3.25".

Removeable Insert - Comes with a removable three layer credit card insert. If ultra thin is what you want, simply remove the insert.

Choose from a combination of bold contrasting colors, or subtle similar hue colors.  

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The Down Low is an extremely compact form fitting design with molded corners for comfort and streamlined front pocket use. Capped off with an easy-open thumb flap, the DL holds approximately 10-12 cards, and a stash of folded bills in the back. 

Choose between a bold contrasting, or more subtle, flap and embroidery thread color.

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