Refuse Goods

Water safe Wallets/ Pouches/ Bags

Refusing textile scrap into new and useful goods/ Handmade in Seattle

Materials & Process 

Every rēfuse product starts as small individual random size pieces of colored fabric.  Our success in developing a technique for fusing small pieces of fabric together, has become an integral part of our design and manufacturing process.  As a result, we are fabricating our own base material large enough for each item, which requires considerably more effort than starting with continuos lengths of fabric.  Each item is made from scratch and made to order.

Developed by Carnegie fabrics, and a waste material from Resolute lighting, and Watson furniture, we have developed rēfuse products exclusively for the reuse of this very unique fabric.  The fabric is a high performance interior textile, made of 100% low density polyethylene, it contains no PVC and is fully recyclable.  Our current supply of scraps date back some time, but going forward our products are starting to incorporate Carnegie’s newest biobased textiles which derive 65-85% content from sugar cane.  All fabrics are extremely color fast and exceed all commercial interior standards in durability and strength.

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