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If your wallet is like an ever expanding universe of clutter, the Tightwad may be the new wallet design solution for you?  We’ve replaced the limited pocket space and risk of bulging pocket seam failure, with a continuous inner and outer pocket.  The Tightwad’s double layer construction creates two concealed and easily expandable continuous pockets on either side of the bill pocket.  Store your frequently used cards in the three layer credit card insert, and stash the seldom used cards in one of the three remaining concealed areas.

The down low

The Down Low card sleeve is an extremely compact form fitting design with molded corners for comfort and streamlined front pocket use.   Capped off with an easy-open thumb flap, the DL holds approximately 10- 12 cards, and a stash of folded bills in the back.  Choose from six two-tone color combinations or all black.

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